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We love fashion. Understanding that producing the latest trends has environmental and social factors, we’re focusing our efforts on the main areas that have the biggest impact when it comes to creating clothes; materials, design, waste and packaging, plus necessary initiatives to help prolong the products you love.

here is our commitment to change


We aim to deliver a commitment that 70% of our products will be crafted from more sustainable materials.


All our polyester and cotton products will contain recycled or more sustainably sourced materials.


All the materials we use will be more sustainably sourced.​

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We’re already beginning to produce more sustainable products. Our denim collection is crafted from more sustainable cotton and our core range of basics - like t-shirts and vests are being produced with organic cotton and recycled polyester. Over half of our synthetic cellulosics will come from more sustainable sources, plus all our leather, wool, feather and down will be sourced in line with industry best practice. The rest we’re working on. ​As well as our products, we’re dedicated to making sure we reduce the rest of our business’ eco impact.

Through trialling alternative materials and using more recycled content, we’re working to make our packaging more sustainable and eco-friendly. Currently, our dispatch bags are made with over 80% recycled material and are recyclable. We’ve also gone paperless with our returns.​

Building on the work we’ve done in our own operations; we want to work with our UK supply chain to divert all textile waste from landfill by 2025. We donate samples to charity, Dress for Success, amongst other charities throughout the year. Plus, we plan to work with our UK suppliers to make sure that direct cut-offs are upcycled, recycled and contribute to future products.

We buy our products in small quantities to help reduce overconsumption and waste. The percentage of stock that doesn’t sell through is, therefore, always low, meaning we can sell outstanding items to third parties to be sold as seconds, or give items to charities or our recycling partners.​

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