business taking action

Fashion is at the forefront of everything we do, but we are dedicated to taking responsibility for the impact our business can have.​ We are going to play our part by providing excellent jobs, looking after our employees, training our staff to understand sustainable processes to buy better and manufacture better to, above all, allow you to make more sustainable choices. Additionally, in our bid to help tackle climate change, we’re proud to confirm we’ve had our science-based targets validated by the Science Based Initiative.

here is our commitment to change


Aspire to be independently recognised as the best online retailer to work for​*


Achieve carbon reductions across our value chain aligned with science based targets equivalent to 52% reduction in emissions relative to our growth**​

shop conscious clothing

Sustainability is now part of our business decision-making, contributing to creating a more conscious company while continuing to make a difference in communities both in the UK and beyond. We want you to feel confident and comfortable with the choices you're making, so look out for our more sustainable products on site to help work towards more responsible decision making.

*To receive independent external recognition via an award, accreditation or kitemark for: Being an organisation that cares about doing things right and values it’s people; or Being an organisation that has a genuine and authentic commitment to driving D&I change in the workplace and wider society.

**Achieve a 4.2% absolute reduction in operational emissions each year, and 7% reduction in value chain emissions each year relative to our growth