Zayä x Oasis

Presenting an exclusive collection in collaboration with tattoo artist, musician and painter, Zayä Kai. In contrast to her linear tattoo style, this curated collection also takes inspiration from her large-scale, abstract paintings. Featuring a combination of bold brush strokes and fine line detailing on a technicolour palette of pastels, her prints breathe life into faithful staples. Dresses are feminine in their form with floor-sweeping hems, gently ballooned sleeves and pleated detailing in relaxed yet considered styles for every occasion. Classic t-shirts and casual sweatshirts are elevated with artistic prints for fuss-free styling, whilst polished shirts add a touch of sophistication to everyday looks. Epitomising a move towards spring with its refreshing hues, flowing silhouettes and emboldened prints, discover the limited-edition collection now. Discover more.

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Q&A With Zayä Kai

When do you feel most creative?

The time in my life where I actually felt most creative was when I was pregnant. I think that when you’re birthing new life, it goes hand in hand with birthing new creativity and new projects.

Where do you get inspiration from?

I get loads of my colour inspiration from around the city and in nature. I really love some colour combinations that you see at dusk when the yellowy sun is setting over the iridescent, pale blue sea.

How would you describe your artistic style?

I feel like I’ve got two completely contrasting styles. The tattoo work is really linear, delicate and monochrome. And then the painting is much more free, it’s all to do with colour. But it’s kind of all been portrayed in this collection – we’ve got some of the crazy colour stuff and some of the more linear stuff. I think it works really nicely together.

What is your favourite piece in the collection and why?

One of my favourite pieces in the collection is this spaghetti strap slip dress which has this crazy bold print that really reminds me of the vintage, retro shirts I used to wear.

How will you be wearing the pieces this season?

I think I’m most excited about wearing co-ords this season. It’s just really easy to throw on a co-ord and you can just look effortlessly stylish.

Define your oasis.

My oasis is probably spending time with my family - my partner and my little baby girl. We love just dancing in the kitchen and being stupid together and I think that’s where I feel my purest joy.